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Tashan Mehta is a novelist whose interest lies in form and the fantastical, and how a dialogue between these elements may offer us new and collective ways of seeing.


Her debut novel, The Liar’s Weave, was published in 2017 and shortlisted for the Prabha Khaitan Woman’s Voice Award. Her short stories have been anthologised in Magical Women and the Gollancz Anthology of South Asian Science Fiction: Volume II. She was part of the 2021 and 2015 Sangam House International Writers’ Residency (India) and was British Council Writer-in-Residence at Anglia Ruskin University (UK) in 2018.


In 2019, she participated in FIELDWORK 0.2, a multidisciplinary residency that explored alternative infrastructures for the future. She was commissioned by the Barbican (UK) to create an artefact that captures the essence of this experience; On Unknown Things was published in 2021. Recently, she was invited to CERN IdeaSquare (Switzerland, of The Large Hadron Collider fame) alongside other writers and scientists to develop stories that can communicate new-age technologies to the public.


As developmental editor and book doctor, she has worked with Scribe Media (US) and Amazon Publishing (US) to develop both non-fiction and fiction manuscripts into the best shape possible. She has been mentor at the Bound Residency (India) thrice, where she has coached new writers on how to elevate their fiction. She’s also lectured on new forms of ideological storytelling, including speculative fiction’s role in shaping the future.


Tashan studied at the universities of Warwick and Cambridge. Her next novel, Mad Sisters of Esi, was published in 2023 and won the Auther Awards for Best Novel.

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