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Articles Publishing and the Pandemic Series: Where does speculative fiction go from here? Why is there so little time travel in Indian fiction writing in English?

Anglia Ruskin Centre for Science Fiction and Fantasy: Multilingual tongues in an English voice

The Curious Reader: Two-toned cloth – Separating language and story

Verve Magazine: The importance of being unpopular – The Quiller series You're prepared for the agonised writing of the first book, but no one warns you about the second 

The Curious Reader: An axis of innumerable narrations: LOTR's influence on modern fantasy 


Platform Magazine: Sisters and desires in the world of Tashan Mehta by Paridhi Badgotri

Arcx: Podcast season 2, episode 2: Tashan Mehta

A Sound Approach: Podcast episode 9: Separating art from ego, with Tashan Mehta

Books and Beyond: Podcast episode 4: Fly into fantastical worlds

Strange Horizons: Remaking the difference: A discussion about Indian speculative fiction

Platform Magazine: Interview on The Liar's Weave by Soumya Mukerji

Huffington Post UK: Novel feedback: Five authors share their experiences by Hattie Clarke




Journal of Commonwealth Literature: The "in-betweens" and the "hatadaiva": Oscillating, fantastical realities in Tashan Mehta's The Liar's Weave by E Dawson Varughese

Factor Daily: The fabulous women writers who've enlivened – and are enriching – India SF

The Curious Reader: 10 Indian fantasy fiction and sci-fi novels you should read

SheThePeople: Debutante writers who made a mark in 2017

Indian Express: Five books to look forward to in June 2017

Hindustan Times: The most interesting books of the week

Caravan Magazine: Alternate realities: Searching for Hogwarts in India by Achala Upendran

Factor Daily: 'We winning the war': A Q&A with Adam Roberts by Gautam Shenoy

WIRED: Samit Basu on science fiction in India by Bruce Sterling [full interview by Gautham Shenoy in Factor Daily]

GQ India: The unbelievable meteoric rise of Indian SFF by Tej Haldule

The Juggernaut: Browning the Future by Amar Diwakar

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